Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series Rules

These supplemental rules in addition to the AMA Rulebook will govern all Full Gas Sprint Enduro events. These rule are solely applicable to Full Gas Sprint Enduro.


Pro 1122cc-Open
Pro 2122cc-250cc (2-stroke or 4-stroke)
Open A, B, C122cc and over (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
250 Open250cc (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
Lites A, B, C122cc-250cc (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
25+ A/B122cc-Open
Vet 30+ A, B, C122cc-Open
40+ SEN A, B, C122cc-Open
50+ MASTERS A, B, C122cc-Open
Women’s Pro, Am, Novice100cc-Open
60+ MASTERS Open122cc-Open
Juniors 12-17, A/B122cc-250cc
Juniors 12-17, C122cc-250cc
Warrior Class122cc-Open – (Veterans, Active Duty Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders)
Sportsman Class Open AMA122cc-Open

Youth Classes

Supermini 12-1579-112cc 2-Stroke; 75-150cc 4-Stroke Max.

Wheels: Front 19″; Rear 16″. Big wheel and small wheel models permitted.

85cc SR 12-1579-85cc 2-Stroke; 75-150cc 4-Stroke Max.

Wheels: Front 17″; Rear 14″. Small wheel models only.

85cc JR 7-1179-85cc 2-Stroke; ; 75-150cc 4-Stroke Max.

Wheels: Front 17″; Rear 14″. Small wheel models only.

65cc 7-1165cc 2-Stroke Max.

Wheels: Front 14″; Rear 12”

50cc RACE (4-7)50cc or Electric


Youth Bike765/85cc 2-Stk – 75-150cc 4-stk
12150cc 4-Stk
Amateur Bike12250cc



  • Previous 5-year World, National, or Regional Pro Class Champions
  • Any rider placing in the top-10 overall in the previous year of FGSE, GNCC XC1 or XC2, NEPG or any other National or World Championship Off-Road Series
  • Current Pro Motocross or Supercross License holders

Pro-Am Class

  • NEPG Pro2 Riders and GNCC XC2 riders who finished outside the top-10 in overall series points
  • Any “local” pro or AA riders and Top-5 overall from previous year FGSE Open A / Lites A points are eligible, but not required to race Pro-Am.


  1. All riders in the top-10-overall series ranking in any regional, state, or National off-road series the previous year.
  2. All Full Gas Sprint Enduro B class champions who won at least two event overalls where more than one rider competed in the class and B riders ranked 2nd or 3rd in the previous FGSE season’s class points with at least 2 event overall wins, where more than one rider competed.
  3. B riders in the previous FGSE season who won at least two event overalls where more than one rider competed in the class.
  4. Former American ISDE Trophy, Junior, or Club team members, excluding the Women/Masters/Golden Masters class.
  5. Racers who compete in an A-level class in any other series, regardless if the series AMA sanctioned.
  6. All riders promoted to A class through the AMA National Advancement System.


  1. Racers who compete in the B Class in any other series, regardless if the series is AMA sanctioned.
  2. FGSE C class champions and C riders ranked 2nd or 3rd in the previous FGSE season’s class points, who won at least 2 event overalls where more than one rider competed in the previous FGSE season.
  3. C riders who won at least 2 event overalls where more than one rider competed in the previous FGSE season.
  4. All riders promoted to B class through the AMA National Advancement System.


  1. Novice skill level riders and riders that do not otherwise qualify as an “A” or “B” level rider.


  1. Youth classes: The racer’s age is determined by their age on January 1st of that calendar year. Youth racers may voluntarily advance to the next higher age group class–if they will be eligible for that age group before the end of the season–but, once a rider moves up an age group they will not be permitted to move back down.
  2. Amateur classes: the age of the rider is determined as of the date of the event. However, riders competing in a younger age division are not required to move to an older age division once they become eligible to do so.


  1. Racers are required to race in the classification that they typically compete in at the local and/or national level, regardless if the series/events are AMA sanctioned. Riders who have earned Pro/AA status locally may race A. Riders who have earned Pro status in National Enduro, National Hare and Hound, GNCC XC1 or XC 2 in the last 2 years must race Pro.

Riders determined to be riding out of class will be removed from the race results, placed into the correct class, and the classes rescored. 

  • Due to the format of racing and its schedule, racers may only compete in one class per event except for Youth racers who may compete in the morning Youth program, and if eligible by age and bike size, can race in an Amateur class in the afternoon.
  • Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian at registration.


  1. All Full Gas Sprint Enduro events will feature at least two special tests with racers making multiple attempts on each test and the total, cumulative time being used for race results. I.e., the fastest rider wins. There will be no “drops” of special test times, all test scores count. The direction of the special tests may be reversed for the second test of racing.
  2. Number of Tests: Racers will get to ride at least 6-10 special tests per-day unless weather or another unforeseen circumstance delays the program. If necessary due to inclement weather, the Pro and A riders may run more tests than B/C riders if conditions do not allow less skilled riders to complete the course.
  3. Race Order Saturday: Youth Classes will race first, followed by the amateur bike portion of the Saturday’s event. We will never have youth and adult racers on the track at the same time.
  4. Race Order Sunday: The PRO Classes will race first, followed by the A and B amateurs bike portion of the Sunday’s event.


  1. Starting Order: Classes will be ordered for each special test going from what we anticipate to be fastest to slowest. For the Youth race, we’ll start with Supermini and work back to the 65s and 50cc’s. The Amateur classes will start with the Warrior class and work down. For the Adult race on Sunday, the Pro classes will start first and B classes will start last.
    1. For the first test, Men’s and Women’s Pro classes will start based off of Series points with the 1st place rider starting first, 2nd-place 2nd, etc. Riders not in the series points will draw numbers for the remaining start positions. All remaining tests for the Pro and Women’s Pro classes will start based off of that day’s overall results. The start order for the next round of racing will be determined by the previous event’s overall results.
    2. For the first two tests all amateur classes will start based off of the order of their assigned class number. After the first two tests all amateur classes will start based off of overall event results.
  2. Start Procedure: Riders will take off for each special test one-at-a-time, in 15, 20 or 30 second intervals (as determined by race organizers due to racing conditions); engines will be live and bike in gear. A race official will motion for you to pull up to the starting line and you will watch the digital countdown display at the start. When the countdown clock reaches one you must begin the test.
    1. All riders must start with both wheels on the starting grate. No rolling starts allowed. A rider will be given one warning for failing to start on the starting grate and any subsequent violations will result in a 10-second penalty.
    2. Riders must wait a minimum of five-seconds after the rider in front of them before starting. Riders starting before five-seconds or failing to start within the allotted start time interval will be penalized 10 seconds. 
    3. The first rider in each class will be allowed to wait two times the countdown cycle before starting. This is to allow for less chance of a faster rider catching a slower rider from the previous class.
  3. The pre-staging area before the start shoot is a dead engine zone. It is imperative that riders keep their bikes off in this area as to allow staging officials to easily call riders into staging when riders are re-seeded after the first two tests based off of overall results.
  4. Be courteous in the staging area! Riders who are caught jumping line or starting out of order will be given a warning, if there is a second offense the rider will be given a 1-minute penalty, a 3rd offense will result in a disqualification from that day’s event.


  1. Full Gas Sprint Enduro utilizes MyLaps timing and scoring transponders exclusively. Every racer is required to have a working MyLaps MX transponder.
  2. Transponders can be purchased online at MyLaps.com as well as on-site, and can be rented for $10 per event weekend. A $100 deposit is required when renting a transponder with $90 being refunded when the transponder is returned.
  3. Riders will take off in 15 second intervals (unless otherwise notified by a race official) sorted by class, their transponder will record their time at the start and at the finish of the special test. Overall and class results will be a cumulative time for all special tests for each event and there will be no drops.
  4. Riders must be in staging no later than 5-minutes before their class is to take off. An estimated time schedule will be discussed at the mandatory rider’s meeting and class staging row signs will have start times written for each row.
  5. A rider will be considered “late” to a special test if they arrive to staging more than 1-minute after the last rider in their class has started the special test. A 1-minute penalty can be assessed for being late, with an additional penalty for the total amount of time that passes before the late racer starts the test.


  1. The Cross Test will be primarily grass track marked with wooden stakes and ribbon on both sides of the course. In some cases, there will be small sections of woods, or motocross track as part of the cross test. In any wooded section of the cross test there will be ribbon on both sides of the trail. Any motocross track sections that the organizer feels could create confusion will be ribboned on both sides but the entirety of a motocross track will not be ribboned. On any section of motocross track riders are required to stay on the motocross track, i.e. no cutting corners or going around obstacles.
    • The cross test race course is the space between the wooden stakes and ribbon, riders should respect those boundaries and race in between them. Riders caught purposefully riding through ribbon, or over stakes to gain a time advantage will be given one warning, a second offense will result in a 30-second penalty, 3rd offense will be a 1-minute penalty, and 4th offense will result in a disqualification from that day’s event.
    • The cross test will sometimes use a natural barrier such as the edge of a forest as one edge of the track, these sections may not have ribbon. Riders can treat this area as part of the race course but must not bypass any part of the track or break through any ribbon or stakes in the process.
  2. The Enduro Test will be a primarily wooded race course with a combination of well-defined trail, fire roads, single track trail, and some grass track that will be marked with arrows and ribbon. Portions of the trail that are well-defined may not be ribboned on both sides, but riders must remain within 5-feet of the established trail. On sections of the trail that are ribboned on both sides riders must remain inside the ribbon
    • Sprint Enduro racing is not a hare scramble or traditional enduro, there is no 25-foot rule, etc. You must remain on the established trail for the entirety of the event unless in the case of a bottle neck or downed rider where you may go around and re-enter the race course as quickly as possible.
    • Riders caught by a course official blatantly cutting the course will be given an immediate penalty of at least 1-minute. Hot lines and shortcuts will not be tolerated.

We understand that mistakes happen and riders will end up off course due to a crash, miscalculation of trail or course, etc. If you get off course, go through ribbon, blow a turn, etc. you must return to the track as close to the point you left as is safely possible. Riders who go off course cannot make up any time advantage or tear down ribbon or stakes to return to the course.


  1. For the 2023 season, the championship will consist of 6 round events. Each event’s overall results will be from that day of racing for that round, the rider with the lowest time to have completed all the special tests will be the winner. Championship points will be awarded for one day of racing each round, so in the end there will be six-rounds of points per class.
  2. For amateur classes, all six rounds will total year-end championship points.
  3. Amateur and Pro awards will be given to the top-3 overall in each class.
  4. There will be no drops given to Pro 1 or Pro2, Amateurs or Youth riders for year-end points.
  5. Sportsman classes will be scored and awards in the 2023 season.  
  1. Class Points and Championship Awards
    • *2023 – Riders must compete in at least four events to be eligible for year-end awards
    • There will be no drops for any class in the championship points


1 – 305 – 169 – 1213 – 817 – 4
2 – 256 – 1510 – 1114 – 718 – 3
3 – 217 – 1411 – 1015 – 619 – 2
4 – 188 – 1312 – 916 – 520 – 1 


  1. Course Walking: Racers will be allowed to walk and/or bicycle the special tests starting at 2:00pm the day before the race. Special tests will also be open on race morning and after each day’s racing is concluded. Pedal assist bicycles (e-bikes) are allowed for all racers to preview the course provided the bike does not have a throttle.
  2. Inclement Weather: Racing will typically be done rain or shine unless conditions are putting riders, spectators, and crew in danger. In that case a race may be delayed for a period until safe to continue. The event referee may have to alter the event schedule due to time conflicts.
  3. Bike Selection: To be considered in each event’s overall results, a rider must finish the day’s meet on the machine that they started the day.
  4. Pit Riding: Pit riding is prohibited at all Full Gas Sprint Enduro Events. Please only ride in first gear from your pits to the event start and from the event finish line to your pits. At select events a burnout area will be marked for riders to warmup.
  5. Pit Crews: Riders are responsible for the actions of their entire pit crew.
  6. Medical Insurance: Dirt Road, LLC and/or Full Gas Sprint Enduro does not provide medical insurance for competitors, and we urge you not to compete without it. Medical insurance is the sole responsibility of the competitor.
  7. Waivers: All riders, pit crew and spectators must sign waivers before entering the race property.