What is a sprint enduro?

Picture the sweetest, best flowing grass track you’ve ever ridden combined with some great, wide, fast trails, and you holding it full gas (Euro slang for wide open) for 8-10 minutes around the track trying to do a lap as quick as possible. This is enduro racing, so you’re racing against the clock not head-to-head against other riders.

Okay, that description didn’t make any sense to me, can you try and explain this to me one more time?

Riders will race two “special tests” 4-5 times each, for total of 8-10 tests a day. One special test will be a 3-4 mile “cross test” consisting of nearly 95% grass track and/or motocross track. The other will be an “enduro test” featuring wide, flowing, groomed trails and will be 3-4 miles. Riders will take off in 15-second intervals.

How will the race be timed and how will results be calculated?

Every rider will either rent, or purchase, a MyLaps Transponder that will be mounted to their fork tube between the triple clamps. The transponder will read when the racer crosses the start and the finish to give them a total time for the test, down to the .001 of a second. At the end of the day, the rider with the least amount of time spent and having completed all of the tests will be the winner.

Why would I want to come race this event?

It’s fun! With fun, flowing, fast courses riders of all ability levels will get the chance to hang it out for the entirety of their lap without having to worry about fatigue setting in. No one can race with 100% intensity for a 3-hour hare scramble or even in a 30-minute moto. This is your chance to pin that thing for 8-10 minutes, take a breather and bench race with your buddies, then do it all over again, and again, and again! Also, until now, this racing format could only be found on a National level in Europe or Australia, or at the ISDE so this is your chance to check out special test racing without leaving the good old USA!

Is there transfer trail between tests?

No. The start and finish of the test will be very closely located. Finish a test, head back to your truck for a drink or bike maintenance, then come hang out in the staging area with your buddies and wait for your next lap. No transferring, no time keeping, just fun.

Do I have to keep time?

Not in the traditional sense of an old-school time keeping enduro. In the general sense, you’ll need to be ready for your next lap when it’s your turn to go. We’ll let everyone know a general time to be ready based off of rider turnout and test length.

Do I have race both days?

No, not in 2022 you don’t race both days. We will get each rider/class around 120 minutes of seat time in one day of racing. In past Full Gas events riders would get a total of 120 minutes of seat time over the two days of racing. With the new 2022 changes, riders will have less travel days and less sitting around waiting to go Full Gas!

What is the new race format each day?

The new 2022 race day format will only allow riders to race either on Saturday or Sunday pending upon your AMA classification.

Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series Race Days and Classes:


Youth ClassesEngine Displacement
SUPER MINI (12-15)79-112cc 2-Stroke; 75-150cc 4-Stroke Max.Wheels: Front 19″; Rear 16″. Big wheel and small wheel models permitted.
85 SR (12-15)79-85cc 2-Stroke; 75-150cc 4-Stroke Max.Wheels: Front 17″; Rear 14″. Small wheel models only.
85 JR (7-11)79-85cc 2-Stroke; 75-150cc 4-Stroke Max.Wheels: Front 17″; Rear 14″. Small wheel models only.
65 (7-11)65cc 2-Stroke Max.Wheels: Front 14″; Rear 12”
50cc RACE50cc


ClassEngine Displacement
Warrior Class – Powered by Oak Grove Technologies 122cc-Open – (Veterans, Active Duty Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders).
Open C 122cc and over (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
250 C 122cc and over (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
Lites C 122cc and 250cc (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
30+ VET C 122cc-Open
40+ SEN C 122cc-Open
50+ MASTERS C 122cc-Open
60+ MASTERS A122cc-Open
60+ MASTERS B/C 122cc-Open
WOMENS C 100cc-Open
Sportsman C – AMA122cc-Open
JUNIOR C (12-17)122cc-250cc


ClassEngine Displacement
PRO 1122cc-Open
250 – PRO 2 122cc and 250 (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
PRO AM122cc-Open
WOMENS PRO100cc-Open
OPEN A122cc and over (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
LITES A122cc and 250cc (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
30+ VET A122cc-Open
40+ SEN A122cc-Open
50+ MASTERS A122cc-Open
OPEN B122cc-Open
LITES B122cc-250cc (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
JUNIOR A/B (12-17)122cc-250cc
30+ VET B122cc-Open
40+ SEN B122cc-Open
50+ MASTERS B122cc-Open
WOMENS A/B122cc-250cc

What safety gear is required?

All riders must have AMA equipment approved helmet, goggles, pants, long-sleeve shirt and boots that go over the ankles. Chest protectors are recommended. “AMA equipment rules apply”.

What’s it cost?

This depends on the class you decide to compete in and the following 2022 fees apply:

Pro 1 Entry Fee: $100; Purse – payout top 3

250 Pro 2 Entry Fee: $80; Purse – payout top 3

Pro-Am Entry Fee: $80; Purse – payout top 3

WXC Entry Fee: $80; Purse – payout top 3

Amateur Entry Fee $55; at the event & pre-entry

Youth Entry Fee: $40; at the event and pre-entry

Micro 50cc Entry Fee: $30; at the event and pre-entry

Transponder: rental fee is $10.00

Gate fee is $15.00 per person and children 5 and under getting in free.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

Do I need an AMA or membership card?

Yes, an AMA membership is required in order to participate in Full Gas Sprint Enduro. Renew or get your membership online in advance. The link for Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series to use for AMA memberships is https://americanmotorcyclist.com/ama-event-membership-form?promoterCode=FUGSES.

Participants can also call the AMA at (800) AMA-JOIN to join by phone. Just be sure to mention the FUGSES affiliate / promo code.

  • $20.00 (One Race Pass)
  • $29.00 (AMA Youth Membership)
  • $49.00 (AMA Adult Membership)

Is there Pre-Registration?

Yes, pre-registration is available to all riders online at “Registration” tab on the home page.

What are the sign-up times onsite?

Registration at the event begins Friday 4:00PM-8:00PM

Saturday – 6:45AM-10:00AM

Saturday – 4:00PM-8:00PM

Sunday – 7:00AM-10:00AM