Thursday, April 25, 2024

ROUND 4: Hidden Valley Golf Course – Race Recap – Presented by FMF

ROUND 4: Hidden Valley Golf Course – Race Recap – Presented by FMF

Tee time is over at the Hidden Valley Golf Course, and Evan Smith rides away with the lowest score on the card. On his way to the overall win, Evan becomes the first ever overall winner on a two stroke at a Full Gas Sprint Enduro!!!!

Ben Nelko grabs the Pro2 win and second place overall on the weekend, while Ruy Barbosa tee’s it up with a third-place overall finish on the day!

In the Pro-Am class, we have the young buck Chase Landers hitting a hole-in-one on the 18th with a 15 second gap, and Mackenzie Tricker sends us home with a dominating performance finishing on top in the Women’s pro class.

Photo Galleries from Round 4 Hidden Valley Golf are up!!

Need Prayer Racing: Dalton has a photo gallery for the Youth, Amateur and Pro day racers. If you haven’t already, make sure to check them out. 


Lisa B Photography – Lisa has been taking photos of her kids, family, friends and other riders for years. Please go check these out and support our photographers.


Up next: An all new location for Full Gas Sprint Enduro >> We head to Catfish Pond in Martinsville, VA.

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