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Round 3: Lake Sugar Tree (LST) – Presented by “FMF Racing” Race Recap

Round 3: Lake Sugar Tree (LST) – Presented by “FMF Racing” Race Recap

Round 3: Presented by FMF Racing. FGSE headed north to Lake Sugar Tree (LST) in Axton, VA. LST provided racers all different types of riding conditions (i.e. hills, rocky dirt and red clay).  At the half way point into of our 6-round season, we offered riders 6 tests for youth, 10 special tests on Saturday on the amateur day and 10 tests on Sunday for the Pros.

Here’s a look at the pro podiums from Round 3 shot by @need_prayer_racing 🤘🏻

LST April 2-3 Results 


1. Tyler Medaglia

2. Evan Smith

3. Brewer Cawley

250 Pro

1. Ben Nelko 

2. Steve Nicholas 

3. Michael McLean 


1. Grady Faint

2. Bolton Beroth

3. Dylan Wolfe 

Women’s Pro

Here’s a look at our closest Pro battle of the day. Mackenzie Tricker would prove dominate in the Cross Tests while Rachael Archer would gain her time on the lead in each Enduro Test. The lead changed in each of the final 3 tests, but it was Rachael Archer that would win one final Enduro Test to take the overall win by a mere 5 seconds! Jessica Morrison also held strong and put herself in a position to move into 3rd place and hold on for the final WXC podium spot!

1. Rachael Archer

2. Mackenzie Tricker

3. Jessica Morrison 

PRO DAY Top Amateur: Caleb Baltimore

Photo Galleries from Round 3 LST are up!!

Lisa B Photography – Lisa has been taking photos of her kids, family, friends and other riders for years. Please go check these out and support our photographers. 

Lisa B Photography

Need Prayer Racing: Dalton has a photo gallery for the Youth, Amateur and Pro day racers. If you haven’t already, make sure to check them out. 


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