As we get closer to our back-to-back weekend of racing at Harleywood we wanted to clarify a couple of key points about this upcoming round as well as updated rules for championship points and year-end awards given this shortened racing season.

The Harleywood remix event will feature the same cross test as you race at Round 4 but it will be groomed and run in the reverse direction. We will be creating a brand new enduro test for the remix event, so it will in essence be two new tracks for you to race! 

If you plan on racing both events and want to leave your camper or trailer throughout the week that will be fine. Just let us know in advance. We will be staying at the track the entire week to cleanup and prepare for the next weekend of racing.

  1. Class Points and Championship Awards
    • Riders must compete in at least four events to be eligible for year-end awards
    • A rider’s two lowest days of points scored will be dropped for amateur class championship points


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