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Competition Bulletin: Results Update for Full Gas Sprint Enduro Round 2, Day One

Competition Bulletin: Results Update for Full Gas Sprint Enduro Round 2, Day One

March 2, 2019 – Blackshear, GA – During the second test of racing during today’s event, course conditions deteriorated to the point where the Full Gas track crew was forced to re-route multiple points of the enduro test mid-race. Unfortunately, these changes were made during the middle of the race and because of that some riders were able to take advantage of the shorter re-routes while others were not, and in some cases were stuck for substantial amounts of time that riders in the class didn’t have to endure. Due to these facts, and pursuant to the AMA rulebook (see below) the decision was made to throw this test out for the amateur classes. Unofficial results with these changes are now posted online at for review.

In a similar set of circumstances, in the 4thtest of the day, the Pro-Am class encountered multiple pieces of the track where course markings had been torn down which caused multiple riders to end up off track and on parts of the track that had been cut out from re-routes after the first enduro test. Course workers were able to correct these issues before any other classes were affected and because of this, only the Pro-Am class will have results dropped from the 4thtest.

19. If a timing device is discovered to be inaccurate by five or more seconds, or if any timing device fails, that check station will be considered an observation check only. If an error in mileage, time or placement of a checkpoint, scoring irregularities or course irregularities occurs, the check must not be adjusted and will be used only as an observation check. Missing an observation check is the same as leave ng the course.

AMA Off-Road Rulebook, Off-Road 25 D.19

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