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FUNNELWEB Launches All-New Proline Air Filter

FUNNELWEB Launches All-New Proline Air Filter

FunnelWeb Filter has launched an all-new ProLine Air Filter with high levels of protection yet pitched at a more affordable price point.

FunnelWeb’s aim with the new ProLine filter is to bring the same performance FunnelWeb are renowned for but at a more competitive price.

Developed over the last 18 months with extensive testing in the United States, South Africa and Europe, the ProLine features profile cut, single layer, single density foam that doubles the external surface area of the filter without increasing the original filter size.

FunnelWeb Proline air filter KTM Enduro21 560

As with all FunnelWeb filters that means the ProLine traps dust, sand and mud over a larger area than a conventional filter, as FunnelWeb put it: “ensuring optimal air flow is maintained for engine performance and reliability.”

The single layer, single density polyurethane foam is easy to clean and FunnelWeb say it maintains its original shape after numerous washes.

The main element which differs about the new model is the rubber seal or seat where the filter sits on the airbox, has been removed.

FunnelWeb Proline air filter flatter Enduro21 560

Overall, compared with conventional foam filters, FunnelWeb offers improved protection from dirt ingestion, has longer service intervals and maintains high airflow rates when dirty. The new model means you get all that but less money.

Owner of FunnelWeb Filter, Niels van Kempen says: “The ProLine delivers all of the benefits associated with a FunnelWeb Filter, like the profiled foam that increases surface area by 100%, but at a highly competitive price point. The ProLine Filter is all-about protecting engines from dirt ingestion. The profiled, single layer foam means more riding and less worrying, which is something all riders can benefit from no matter what the discipline.”


FunnelWeb ProLine Filter Highlights

Optimum air flow for increased riding time

Improved engine protection

Extended filter change intervals

Simple to install, clean and re-oil

Easy fitment


Recommended Retail Prices:

USA, $28.00.

Europe, €28.00

Great Britain, £25.00

More information:

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